Frequently Asked Questions

What's the advantage of borrowing money through SecureNet Lending rather than a bank?

Time, ease, convenience and loan qualification are several of the advantages of borrowing private money. Loans can be tentatively approved in minutes due to simple loan qualification requirements. SecureNet Lending loans don't entail the red tape commonly connected with traditional or conventional loans. We don't require verification of employment, verification of your bank and purchase deposits, or often even the frustration of waiting weeks just to get an appraisal.

Does SecureNet Lending require appraisals?

In most cases appraisals are not required, but if you already have one done we would like to see it. We are able to pull our own comparable sales data allowing us to make property valuations quickly.

In what geographic area do you make loans?

We can arrange loans everywhere in California!

Does SecureNet Lending service loans or sell them to outside investors?

SecureNet Lending has been servicing loans in-house since its inception. Our database allows us to manage loan files quickly and with precision. We can prepare closing documents, create payment and other reports, as well as manage all of the accounting from construction draws to monthly payments and everything in-between.

How do I know SecureNet Lending is licensed to lend money in the state of California?

We are licensed as a Mortgage Lender with the California Department of Real Estate (License #60DBO-56623) Your loan closing will be handled through a reputable, local title and escrow company.

What kind of loans do you make?

We primarily make short-term first trust deed, real estate-collateralized loans. These include purchase, construction and refinance loans. We lend on single and multi-family investment properties, commercial properties and land. We are experts at funding purchases made at trustee's sales. We do not lend on owner-occupied residences.

How fast can you make a loan?

If necessary, we can close in as little as 24 hours. Each loan requires the cooperation of several parties including the title company ... so sometimes unexpected delays can occur. Our average closing time is between two and five days.

How do I apply for a loan through SecureNet Lending?

Simply call us during business hours at 1.408.540.6682 or email

How much will my monthly payments be?

Your monthly payment will be determined by the amount you borrow. Our loans are generally interest-only loans. There are no prepayment penalties, so you can pay extra or even payoff your loan anytime. (Loan amount x interest rate, divided by 12 = your monthly payment amount.)

You've answered my questions. Where do I start?

If it sounds like we can be of further service to you, please call us during business hours at 1-408-540-6682 or email