Our Platform

With the SecureNet Lending Portal, complete the entire lending transaction online in minutes! Using the industry’s only integrated end to end transaction processing platform, the Borrower simply provides a property address and limited borrower information - SecureNet’s Lending Portal does the rest!

Step 1

Either call us at (408) 540-6682 or click below to go to SecureNet’s Lending Portal
and enter a property address and loan amount.

Step 2

Agree on loan terms, either through SecureNet’s Lending Portal or by phone.
No hidden fees or costs! We keep it simple!

Step 3

Review, approve and sign your loan documents On-Line! Only one notarized signature is needed and that can be overnighted or delivered to the Title Company.

Step 4

Manage your rehab process and leasing transactions on line using the SecureNet Lending Portal for FREE!

To Apply

Either call 1.408.540.6682

Or click below and apply using the SecureNet Lending Portal!

With SecureNet’s Lending Portal, the entire loan transaction can be completed On-Line or over the phone in MINUTES!